Online Self-Publishing Network: Design and Development

As the economics of traditional publishing started to fall apart I created, an Internet portal to give shelter to the talented artists that were struggling to have their works published. Amusedom is intended as a self-publishing entertainment and social networking platform for the benefit of creators, publishers and fans alike. The platform is worldwide, user-driven and language independent with built in tools and a monetizing system that allows artists to easily upload, publish, promote and sell their work. A professional social network and marketplace of fans, creators, publishers, and people like you. The idea was simple: Give creators the ability to publish and sell their own content directly, without editorial restrictions and to a worldwide audience.

AMUSEDOM is not just a self-publishing platform on the internet, but an unrestricted cloud system, where authors benefit from publishing safely in a simple and universal format, and readers enjoy easy access to content via any mobile device. Buy and enjoy content from anywhere anytime. Share and discuss that content with your friends directlly through our own social network, Faceboo, Twitter and others.


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