I excel with most digital tools and specifically with Photoshop, but beyond the software–and very effectively- I can easily hand-draw and sketch ideas. I can sell and explain concepts both graphically and verbally, on paper, in writing or with any tool of the trade. From sketching it on paper to prototyping it in Photoshop I can take any project from conception to conclusion on my own or working with a team.


Interactive Design (ux-ui)

Games, Web and Mobile Applications: Design and Implementation.

User experience design is at the core of every game concept and the same applies to applications, web design and most interactive projects of any kind. What’s the game about for instance, what is the “user experience” we want to create and want do we want the user to do?  What do we want to accomplish, and how are we going to accomplish it?  The most fundamental part of interactive development is that it has to be “user experience centric” at its core. You ignore it at your own peril.

Software and game development Tools

2D and 3D Engines: Design and Implementation.

I'm familiar with all the game development components and pipeline, especially in 3-D, since I have been developing 3-D games long before any current methods became standard. Whatever the game engine, culture or lingo, I’m fundamentally familiar with the game development pipeline and fluid enough with most of the basic tools to do it myself -- i.e., anything from 3-D modeling and texture mapping, to particle effects and animated sprites; from game map design and game interface to scripting and everything else in between. Whatever the position on a team, I can help glue things together and fill any gaps that may emerge during production.

Web Development

Joomla, Yootheme: Design and Implementation.

I’m experienced with web development and design, but not just the graphic design and user experience, but with front-end and back-end development, Databases and Server Architecture. I’m not a programmer, but I have functional knowledge of web languages along with an essential understanding of how the components  work together to manage programmers in all the necessary disciplines and skills sets of contemporary web development and web technology.


Digital and Print: Design and Implementation.

I'm also very familiar with print, page layout and publishing as a whole (digital, on-demand or traditional printing). I understand the technical aspects and settings for print from digital or analogue content. Out of experience I can design effectively and predicatively.

Mobile Development

IOS and Android: Design and Implementation.

Like every technological innovation that preceded it, mobile applications now offer new opportunities and exciting possibilities for both the developer and the public as a whole. Casual games are a natural fit, but for me it soon became clear that developing “functional applications” (utility apps) for things that apply to the real world is where the exciting possibilities are. My Menu 2.0 application for instance is an interactive digital menu that combines an enticing visual menu with a point of sale while taking advantage of the efficiencies and integrations of a smart mobile device.

Traditional Art Skills

In addition to appearing in books, my work has been serialized and published in hundreds of magazines all over the world. Hundreds of articles have been published about my work, and I’ve received diverse awards and recognition. My work is also included in many compilations and documentaries; pieces can be seen in the permanent collections of museums such as the Smithsonian in Washington and the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.


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