Creative Direction

I have worked hands-on and extensively in all the disciplines identified in this job description –Above and beyond those requirements, I’m an accomplished artist and a published author, forever interested in design, design theories and trends. I enjoy and pay attention to detail and I have an everlasting and intense imagination. I’m logical, technically minded and systematic in my approach to defining concepts and resolving problems. I’m best perhaps at having ideas that fit, visualizing everything, selling the idea and then taking the logical steps to get there; which includes working with, managing and motivating a talented team.

  • Strong ability to provide clear creative direction and provide timely and helpful feedback to improve creative processes to keep work on budget and schedule.

Graphics and art have been a part of my life since childhood and are completely second nature to me. I have a keen eye to see what works and what doesn't. If I find a problem I will know how to explain it and most likely how to fix it. As an artist and a designer my sense of aesthetic value is very high and that tends to produce above satisfactory results at a level that most clients would appreciate. There may a process and some going back and forth, but in the end you will always be pleased with the results.


I've worked with teams of graphic designers, technical artists, programmers, advertising agencies, producers, publishers and corporate clients. I’m accustomed to working with talent and I know how to create and maintain a casual, stress-free and highly creative atmosphere while simultaneously motivating the team to maximize efforts and produce results. I understand corporate culture and business needs, brand identity and design consistency in a broad set of disciplines. I excel at managing complex projects especially under time restraints and budget requirements. I have been in the trenches many times and I know the beat, I’m very logical and persuasive while being very respectful and inclusive of intelligent opinions and ideas.

  • Strong ability to prioritize work and resources across engagements based on short and long-term needs.


I have direct hands-on experience working on innovative projects across multiple mediums digital and analog both singularly and in combination. More importantly, I understand the purpose and technical aspects of all these mediums and how they work together. Aside from direct technical knowledge working with programmers in game and application development, I’m also familiar with front-end and back-end web development. I know flash very well and have functional knowledge of HTML and CSS. I’m well versed with Joomla, Worldpress, database environments and web tools as a whole.

  • A strong working knowledge of interaction design, user-centered experience design, brand development, digital marketing and the creative process.
  • Comprehensive awareness and interest in new platforms and technologies for the digital channel (e.g. Flash, Flex, Ajax, etc.) and related mediums.

Designing with Measure

Out of real-world experience, I know how to design with measure and structure the development process correctly from the start. I’m best at visualizing a game along with the gamer experience from conception; I’m very capable of seeing “the vision” through every step of the process. I’m logical and organized in the thought process, good at identifying and eliminating variables, and quite fluid in finding creative solutions to impossible problems. I know how to build and maintain (or contribute to) a casual, stress-free and highly creative atmosphere while simultaneously keeping the team motivated and productive. I excel at turning company wishes into reality and in maximizing results on time and within a budget.


I thrive and welcome the opportunity to work with younger minds and diverse talents. I’ve been a pioneer of digital arts from the very start and I’ve been invited to many schools and universities for the very purpose of inspiring and mentoring new artists. As an accomplished and well-respected artist and with more than twenty years of experience I can do the work myself and have no problem showing others how it’s done.

  • Proven mentoring, supervisory, and team-building skills.
  • Proven leadership skills with experience guiding large teams.

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