1) SUITABLE ART SUBJECT. If we (I) determinate the you are a strong candidate for a portrait then i will propose to make one for you.

2) OWNERSHIP. If you like the portrait and decide that you want to own the original, then I will sell it o you for $2K to $3K depending in the complexity amount of work that it went in. You will own the original, but i will be allowed to keep a scanned copy and make prints for my own purposes (such exhibitions, work catalogs, compilations, books,  articles etc). You own the original, i own the art (....)

3) PRINTS. If you decide that you do not want to purchase the original then i will keep it myself (my art collection), but i will make you a very high quality print that you can keep for $300 for the first one and 100 for each additional one. These are very high quality prints that look like the original and make great present for family and friends.

4) ROYALTY. Whether you purchased the original or I keep it for myself i would be allowed to sell high-quality limited edition prints of my art -and as my art (whatever subjects i use and under the creative decisions i make). If you choose for the portrait to be exclusive to yourself and you do not want for prints (of your likeness) to be sold the you pay an additional exclusivity fee of $1000 more (etc). 

5) CHANGE OF MIND. You can always change you mind and buy the original later own in which case you will be in title to the same options as listed above (etc)

This is a unique opportunity to own something unique and value that you'll cherish for the rest of your life. Photos do not capture the soul but a drawing brings into to sharp focus who you are (etc).  


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