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JRDG designs stand out. And for good reason. At JRDG, we believe in the magic that can happen when art, design and technology come together in support of a strategic brand message. Our long history of success in integrating technological innovation into the creative process has enabled us to create some of the most successful and impactful visual communications across both traditional and new media platforms. From Olympic venues to the cover of Time magazine, JRDG designs continue to captivate consumers, inspire brand loyalty and drive business results.


titbit is a first of its kind interactive menu card and restaurant automation platform designed specifically for restaurants and cafes, aimed at generating new revenues by enhancing your customers’ ordering and dining experience, and at the same time creating cost saving opportunities for you by improving efficiency of operations.

A unique feature of titbit is integration with popular social media networks, that allows customers at titbit restuarants and hotels to stay connected to their online communities through the titbit application interface, thus promoting the property amongst new audiences.

titbit also features a unique "zero investment" model, wherein the restaurateur or hotelier does not have to invest in the devices or software, but is charged on a simple pay-as-you-use subscription.

STRATUS Investments LLC

Our strength lies in our ability to identify opportunities and rapidly bring them to fruition. As entrepreneurs, we understand that timing is critical in bringing great ideas to market. That's why our investors and executives work side-by-side to evaluate business opportunities, eliminating the need for investment committees and lengthy due diligence processes.

Influences & Likes

  • Bosch of course
  • Bosch
  • Broken Pier Cozumel
  • Calatrava more than Gaudi
  • Da Vinci the artist
  • Da Vinci without a doubt
  • Francisco Sorolla
  • Jean Giraud (moebious)
  • Las Fallas (checkout the colors)
  • Las Fallas (children falla, paper mache)
  • Moebious line style
  • Moebious worlds
  • Sorolla (is all about the light)
  • Syd Mead (and a friend of mine)
  • The magical ways of water
  • flying, another of my favorite things

  • BH2000
  • BH3-1
  • BH3-2
  • Conqistador
  • DesertGunner-1
  • DesertGunner
  • GeneKong-1
  • GeneKong-2
  • KM-freescreen
  • Kamikaze-1
  • NYC-book-1
  • NYC-book-2
  • RiversofDawn
  • SPW-1
  • SPW-2
  • SPW-3
  • SPW-4
  • SPW-5
  • SpaceCrusader
  • akira
  • amusedom-1
  • amusedom-2
  • arcade-1
  • batman-1
  • batman-2
  • brand
  • conveyor-2
  • conveyor-3
  • coverpage
  • darksideweekly
  • irishfilm
  • menu-01
  • menu-02
  • panzerkiller-1
  • panzerkiller-2
  • pepe-13
  • pepe-13a
  • pepe-14
  • rebel-1
  • rebel-2
  • web-2
  • wed-1
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