Work History

Here's but a brief history of some of the work I've done. There's more in between of course, things like magazine publications, comics, work compilations, advertisements and spin-offs. The Work Chronology listed bellow includes some of the highlights of the things I've done, but it should give you enough of an idea of what my work is like and what I'm good at.

Mobile Apps

Business applications and games: Design and Development.

Like every technological innovation that preceded it, mobile applications now offer new opportunities and exciting possibilities for both the developer and the public as a whole. Casual games were a natural fit at first, but for me it soon became clear that developing “functional applications” (utility apps) for things that apply to the real world is where the exciting possibilities are. My Menu 2.0 application for instance is an interactive digital menu that combines an enticing visual menu with a point of sale while taking advantage of the efficiencies and integrations of a smart mobile device. Interactive applications as a controlled experience have a great deal of potential also for marketing and advertising by offering “user experiences” that are different, less intrusive and more rewarding.

  • Kamikaze Defender
  • Amusedom Book Reader
  • Conveyor: Donutshop
  • Restaurant Menu 2.0


Online Self-Publishing Network: Design and Development

As the economics of traditional publishing started to fall apart I created, an Internet portal to give shelter to the talented artists that were struggling to have their works published. Amusedom is intended as a self-publishing entertainment and social networking platform for the benefit of creators, publishers and fans alike. The platform is worldwide, user-driven and language independent with built in tools and a monetizing system that allows artists to easily upload, publish, promote and sell their work. A professional social network and marketplace of fans, creators, publishers, and people like you. The idea was simple: Give creators the ability to publish and sell their own content directly, without editorial restrictions and to a worldwide audience.


PC games, Console, Downloads: Design and Development.

My extensive video game library includes very successful products such as the BeachHead brand of games. The BeachHead 2000, 2002 and Desert War series of titles sold more than1,000,000 copies worldwide as well as hundreds of thousands in additional downloads. Other games include Tiger Hunt, Desert Gunner, Panzer Killer and Real Pool which sold more than 360,000 box copies in addition to more than 2.3 million downloads. One of my most endearing projects was Hellcab which was one of the first ever CD-ROM games, a best seller, and an instant classic. HellCab won the number-one rating from Billboard Magazine in 1993

Arcade Games

Vortek V3, V4, Pup and Others: Licensing and Development.

The BeachHead games' popularity and success spurred arcade versions of the title which ranked number one top-earner in the United States for 3 years in a row. The economic success of the title in the arcade arena prompted an avalanche of new machines, game versions and copycats. The game was everywhere, from Las Vegas to New York, Canada to LA, at Universal Studios and every other arcade in the country and abroad. There were three official versions of the game: BeachHead 2000, BeachHead 2002 and Beachhead Desert War followed by the release of a new title Desert Gunner later on.

  • bh-arcade-1
  • bh-arcade-10
  • bh-arcade-11
  • bh-arcade-12
  • bh-arcade-2
  • bh-arcade-3
  • bh-arcade-4
  • bh-arcade-5
  • bh-arcade-6
  • bh-arcade-7
  • bh-arcade-8


Comic Books and Graphic Novels: Story and Art.

I’ve had my work published throughout the world in magazines such as Metal Hurlant and l'Echo des Savanes in Europe. Eerie, Vampirella, Heavy Metal and Epic Magazine in the United States. I helped introduce "Graphic Novels" in the U.S. as a whole, beginning with Rebel and followed with the worldwide releases of Joe’s Air Force, Gene Kong, Generation Zero, and Zeppelin. My best-selling, computer-generated graphic novel “Batman, Digital Justice” was printed in every major language; the book became the second most successful book in the field’s history, and was the first of its kind.

TV Shows

TV Animated Cartoons: Sets and Character Designs.

I had the good fortune of working for Rankin Bass a couple of years back when I lived in NYC. These TV shows were called “Saturday Morning Cartoons” and were heavily influenced by toy line considerations and as a result the ideas were pretty lame and I take no credit or blame for designing the shows. As a designer I hated it at the time, but it paid well and it was the easiest thing in the world to do. We did not create the shows, but we were in charge of designing everything that went into the shows and afterwards our set designs and storyboards were sent to Japan for production. Personally and from a designer’s standpoint, I did not like it then and I still don’t like it today, but others did and apparently still do and especially kids; so at least someone got to enjoy the fruits of our labor... and for that I have no complaints.


Political Humor Cartoons: Writer and Artist.

The Dark Side Weekly was a political humor blog I created a couple of years ago. Sure I was leaning left and that makes my sense of humor bias, but please don’t tell me that these guys are not funny, or phony if you prefer. Although I’m politically agnostic when I can help it, I’m progressive by nature and in the pure sense of the word.  Political cartooning and the pace of the 24-7 news cycle was challenging and exciting, but making it funny and finding the punch line was something that I creatively enjoyed and was good at. Ultimately the proof is in the pudding. Is it funny or is it not? You be the judge...

Advertising Agency

Magazines, Newspapers and TV Commercials: Design, Illustration and storyboards

I have solid traditional agency experience (3+ years), but before there were computers or digital anything and back when copy, illustration and photography was everything. I worked primarily in print advertising back in Spain at a company called Publipress (Publipress Media today) where I was primarily designing graphics, illustrating ads and storyboarding commercials. Later on and while in the army serving in North Africa and after winning several festival poster contests in a row, I won a contract to design an advertising campaign for the city of Ceuta, Spain. I’ve also worked with Peter Wallach (son of actor Eli Wallach) back in NYC on TV commercials for early console companies like the Commodore 64. Back then they were using stop motion and I was hired as a “computer graphics expert” to do computer animation. I was using an “Amiga” computer which was state-of-the art at the time.

At the Dawn of the Digital Age

Pioneering and Software Development: Early Development, Consulting and spreading the word.

As far as digital experience and working with computers goes I was there from the very beginning of what that meant and actively defining what it would become. I was there at the very inception of digital art anything. I owned one of the first Amiga computers and experimented with computer graphics long before Photoshop and before almost anyone else did. I had one of the first Apple desktop publishing computers; the apple + and then a Mac II. I was leading the way and preaching the new digital religion (apple evangelist) working with software companies and helping develop software tools such as PixelPaint, Letraset’s Image Studio and EA’s Studio 32.

Batman: Digital Justice

Computer Generated Graphic Novel: Story and Art.

My “computer generated” book “Batman: Digital Justice” was a significant turning point in the perception and understanding of what the desktop digital revolution was all about and hundreds of articles where written about its significance in magazines all over the world. The book was the first ever of its kind and the second best selling comic book in the field’s history at the time of its publication. I went on touring the world signing books and speaking at conferences, professional gatherings and seminars. I found myself “defending digital art” as “art” while preaching and explaining the significance of the digital highway and how important it was for the future.

  • BH2000
  • BH3-1
  • BH3-2
  • Conqistador
  • DesertGunner-1
  • DesertGunner
  • GeneKong-1
  • GeneKong-2
  • KM-freescreen
  • Kamikaze-1
  • NYC-book-1
  • NYC-book-2
  • RiversofDawn
  • SPW-1
  • SPW-2
  • SPW-3
  • SPW-4
  • SPW-5
  • SpaceCrusader
  • akira
  • amusedom-1
  • amusedom-2
  • arcade-1
  • batman-1
  • batman-2
  • brand
  • conveyor-2
  • conveyor-3
  • coverpage
  • darksideweekly
  • irishfilm
  • menu-01
  • menu-02
  • panzerkiller-1
  • panzerkiller-2
  • pepe-13
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  • rebel-1
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