Pepe Moreno

Pepe Moreno is an accomplished author, artist, designer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in traditional and digital art forms and entertainment media as a whole. He has set trends in the comic book world with his graphic novels and most notably with the first-ever computer generated comic book Batman: Digital Justice, which would become the second most successful book in the fields history. As a pioneer of digital art, Pepe would follow suit at the onset of the video game revolution, originally breaking ground with one of the first ever CD-ROM video games Hellcab. Pepe went on to create the popular game series Beach Head whose brand of titles sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide and was ranked number one arcade game in the US for three years in a row.

Pepe has made more recent pursuits that have included the development of an international online self-publishing network for independent authors and publishers alike featuring some of the top designers and artists around the world.

It is Pepe’s unique brew of expertise and experiences that makes him uniquely qualified to take on projects that transcend across mediums and technologies while maximizing their potential and maintaining a high level of aesthetic value and creative integrity.

I was one of those kids always drawing – I drew all over my textbooks, in all the empty spaces and in the margins. Everything that was in my head came out onto paper. I’ve always been creatively impatient, looking for new challenges and pursuing new dreams. I had a love affair with technology that has always taken me to explore forward, discover new worlds and realize great opportunities.

“The idea of a life time achievement award was always a scary concept to me. Getting an award for a life-time of doing the exact same thing was a horrifying idea, even before I new what I was going to do with my career. I was but certain that I was not going to stay around long enough in any trade to get a life-achievement award of any kind, so there was no sense in worrying about it… I just moved on”.

I’m not a linear thinker, I was born outside the box and I’ve made a career out of it. I came to realize at some point that if there was a pattern to my work, it was that there was no pattern and that change itself was the only constant. Coming to terms with this has served me well as it allowed me to evolve with the times and ride the wave in this impatient, ever-changing, fast paced world of explosive creativity and technological innovation.

Influences & Likes

  • Bosch of course
  • Bosch
  • Broken Pier Cozumel
  • Calatrava more than Gaudi
  • Da Vinci the artist
  • Da Vinci without a doubt
  • Francisco Sorolla
  • Jean Giraud (moebious)
  • Las Fallas (checkout the colors)
  • Las Fallas (children falla, paper mache)
  • Moebious line style
  • Moebious worlds
  • Sorolla (is all about the light)
  • Syd Mead (and a friend of mine)
  • The magical ways of water
  • flying, another of my favorite things

  • BH2000
  • BH3-1
  • BH3-2
  • Conqistador
  • DesertGunner-1
  • DesertGunner
  • GeneKong-1
  • GeneKong-2
  • KM-freescreen
  • Kamikaze-1
  • NYC-book-1
  • NYC-book-2
  • RiversofDawn
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  • SpaceCrusader
  • akira
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